TypeScript vs. CoffeeScript Presentation Downloads

Thanks for coming to my talk. I hope it was useful for you. You may have not won a ninja sword or nunchuks, but you’re all ninjas in my heart.

Slide Deck

Keynote Presentation (for Mac)
PowerPoint Version (Looks a little janky)
PDF Version

Source Code

JavaScriptZoo Project on GitHub This is the source code from the presentation. Remember to use the different branches to see different features of the two languages.

Visual Studio Resources

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update. Needed for CoffeeScript support in your IDE and also has some new bangin’ features for web tooling in your IDE.
VS 2012 Web Essentials Extension 2.9 This extension gives you the split screen effect and can compile and minimize your TypeScript/CoffeeScript. (Note: version 3.0 removes support for TypeScript…so use version 2.9 until Visual Studio fully supports TypeScript)

TypeScript Resources

Install TypeScript. Follow the instructions here to get TypeScript installed into VS 2012. Warning As of August 2013 There are some major problems with the 0.9.X releases of TypeScript (See the comments here). I highly recommend using the release (March 29), which is sort of hidden here.
Solve TypeScript Install Issue. If TypeScript doesn’t work in Visual Studio yet, follow the instructions found at the link to the left.
TypeScript source code This codeplex page contains download links and allows you to review the work being done by the codeplex team.
The official TypeScript homepage Pretty good documentation, even better live coding window online. Possibly the best in-browser language tryout on the entire Internet.

CoffeeScript Resources

CoffeeScript homepage Try out the language and read documentation.
CoffeeScript on GitHub
CodeSchool CoffeeScript Test. A Sip of CoffeeScript. Take the free test (module 1) to see how well you can do.

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